About us

Rebiability and Quality Your True Partner in Metal Part

GOBEST(YongChangTai Metal Parts Co.,Ltd.) is a reputable metal manufacturer since 1992. We are equipped with state-of-art machines, and specialize in metal stamping, tool making and mould design. Being the key to our success is a professionally trained team of twenty experienced managers and a group of highly skilled engineering technicians.

Aspiring to be your best choice, our company emphasizes in the continuous training and development of our workforce and we believe in total quality involvement. It is our vision to provide our customers with quality service by ensuring timely delivery of quality products with competitive pricing.

As an ISO9001:2008(now is ISO9001:2015) certificate holder since 2010, our vision is to provide customers with the highest quality product and services. In view of our experience and readiness to keep ourselves abreast of technology, prompt and pro-active reaction to our customers requirements; we have now established ourselves in the business to be a leader in the manufacturing of precision components.

Core Capabilities
Used together, our core capabilities are designed to provide you with a turnkey solution for all your Metal Stamping, and Mechanical Assembly needs.
Metal Stamping
You probably expect your metal stamping projects to be “fire and forget” that’s our commitment to you. Our seasoned staff will work with you to develop a plan that fits both your budget and delivery requirements. Once a solid plan has been developed, you can rest with confidence that your product will be produced as per specification.
Mechanical Assembly
If you have projects that require multiple parts to be combined for one finished product, then it’s time to look at our mechanical assemble process. Mechanical assembly is your final stage of preparing you product for shipment. Save time, money, and stress by allowing us to fully assemble your product prior to shipment.

Customer and Product End User